11.1. Academic Year Support

11.1.1. Questions on Teaching?

During the academic year, teachers are welcome to post to the Teaching Mobile CSP forum. Our community of educators is always available and supportive, bringing you just-in-time responses. 

11.1.2. Monthly Meetings with Your PD Instructor

Teachers participating in the Mobile CSP Professional Development are part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and have a designated PD Instructor/mentor that is available to offer your support throughout the school year. Your PD Instructor/mentor will offer meetings at least once per month during the school year where you can go to catch up, ask questions, and prepare for upcoming instruction.

11.1.3. Monthly Webinars with the Mobile CSP Team

The Mobile CSP Team typically hosts a monthly webinar that is available to all Mobile CSP teachers during the academic year. Invitations to join the webinars are sent out through the Teaching Mobile CSP forum. If the webinar is recorded, recordings are posted to the Mobile CSP YouTube Channel.

11.1.4. Monthly Newsletters

Teachers who have joined the Teaching Mobile CSP forum and have email notifications turned on will receive a monthly newsletter from Mobile CSP. Missed a newsletter? Check out our News page.

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