4.5. Chained conditionals

Sometimes there are more than two possibilities and we need more than two branches. One way to express a computation like that is a chained conditional:

Activity: CodeLens 4.5.1 (cndtnl_elif)

elif is an abbreviation of “else if.” Again, exactly one branch will be executed.

If-Then-ElseIf Logic

There is no limit on the number of elif statements. If there is an else clause, it has to be at the end, but there doesn’t have to be one.

Activity: CodeLens 4.5.2 (cndtnl_elif2)

Each condition is checked in order. If the first is false, the next is checked, and so on. If one of them is true, the corresponding branch executes, and the statement ends. Even if more than one condition is true, only the first true branch executes.

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