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blog, Definition
branch, Section
bug, Paragraph
Centralized VCS, Paragraph
CI/CD, Item
CLI, Item
code of conduct, Paragraphs
collaborative instant messaging platforms, Item
Command Line Interface, Item
committed, Item
compilation, Paragraph
compiler, Paragraph
console, Item
continuous integration and continuous delivery, Item
contributing, Item
contributor, Subsection
copyleft, Definition
copyright, Definition
decompiling, Paragraph
defect, Paragraph
design documents, Item
developer documentation, Item
Distributed VCS, Paragraph
documentation, Subsection
fair dealing, Definition
fair use, Definition
FAQ, Item
feature specifications, Item
FLOSS, Paragraph
Fork, Paragraphs
forum, Item Item
FOSS, Paragraph
free and open source software, Paragraph
free software, Paragraph
free/libre and open source software, Paragraph
freeware, Paragraph
gcc, Paragraph
git config, Paragraph
git directory, Paragraph
git fetch, Paragraphs
git index, Paragraph
git staging area, Paragraph
git working tree, Paragraph
good first issue, Item
help documents, Item
host, Subsection
install, Item
intellectual property, Definition
internet relay chat (IRC), Definition
issue tracker, Definition
label, Paragraph
legal rights, Definition
Local VCS, Paragraph
mailing list, Item
merge request, Definition
modified, Item
open source, Definition
open source software, Definition
project board, Definition Paragraph
proprietary software, Paragraph
pull request, Definition
README, Paragraphs
release notes, Item
repo, Definition
repository, Definition
roadmap, Item
SECP, Paragraph
seeker, Subsection
SHA-1 hash, Paragraph
shell, Item
software engineering collaboration platforms, Paragraph
source code, Paragraph
staged, Item
stream of snapshots, Paragraph
terminal, Item
test plans, Item
triage, Paragraph
tutorials, Item
user, Subsection
user manuals, Item
VCS, Paragraph
version control system, Paragraph
web-based forum, Item
weblog, Definition
website, Subsection
Wikis, Definition