9.4. Transitioning to Text-Based Languages and CS A

After you finish this Mobile CSP course, we hope that you will want to take more Computer Science courses and learn more programming languages! Ask your teacher what other courses are offered at your school.

9.4.1. AP CS A and Java

There is a more advanced AP Computer Science course called AP CSA, which uses the Java programming language. If your school doesn't offer it, talk to your teachers and principal about adding the course.

is a free AP CSA Java curriculum that supports students transitioning from AP CSP to AP CSA. You may want to try your hand at some object-oriented programming in Java with Turtles in Unit 2.

Here is a table comparing App Inventor blocks and AP CSP pseudocode with Java commands.

For another visual introduction to object-oriented programming, try Greenfoot - an interactive visual world as an introduction to Java. It requires download/installation but can be run from USB. Here's a simple tutorial.

9.4.2. Python

Python is an excellent text-based programming language that's easy to pick up. Try some fun Python projects in the next two lessons!

You can also try EarSketch with Python, which is a great introduction to learn Python coding through music composition!

And Code Combat is a platform that has free starter levels to learn Python or Javascript while playing in a computer game.

9.4.3. Web Design with HTML and Javascript

Web design and programming can be a lot of fun! First, learn the language of web design, HTML, at https://www.w3schools.com/html/ using their interactive demos and exercises. You can also learn CSS for adding style to your web pages.

The main programming language used on the web is Javascript (which is a different programming language than Java but shares a lot of the same commands). It works right in your browser. W3Schools has an excellent tutorial for Javascript too at https://www.w3schools.com/js/.

Khan Academy also has tutorials on JavaScript, HTML/CSS, & SQL. And Code HS has options for Java, Python, and Web Design.

9.4.4. Processing

Processing is a programming language used for drawing and animation. The original version is based in Java, but there is also processing.js which is a Javascript version and a processing.py Python version. Here are some online tutorials and interactive coding sites for Processing:

9.4.5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is also a fun topic to explore. There are Capture the Flag (CTF) contests for high school students where participants can break codes and find hidden flags. You can explore the problems even after the competitions end. Here are some high school CTFs and tutorials with practice problems:

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