4.2. LightsOff Tutorial

Time Estimate: 45 minutes

4.2.1. Introduction and Goals

The LightsOff app is a variation of the classic Whack-a-Mole game. The purpose of the app is to promote the socially useful message of saving electricity. In the game, a light bulb pops up at random positions on the screen. One function in the app is the player can score by touching the light bulb before it disappears and pops up in a new position. This tutorial guides you through the basic steps in creating the game.

(Teacher Tube version)
Learning Objectives: I will learn to
  • use the Canvas and ImageSprite components in AppInventor
  • further develop an understanding of procedures and procedural abstraction
  • use timing, animation, and randomness as part of an event-driven program
Language Objectives: I will be able to
  • discuss in detail the benefits of writing procedures in programming
  • describe the functionality of an app using key vocabulary such as event, timer, and sprite, out loud and in writing, with the support of vocabulary notes from previous lessons
Acknowledgement: The socially useful theme for this app -- helping to save electricity -- was suggested by Boston Latin Academy students Adam Vardaro and Daniel Rodriguez through their teacher, Ms. Ingrid Roche.

4.2.2. Learning Activities


To get started, open App Inventor with the LightsOff Template in a separate tab. Rename the project to LightsOff or something similar. If the template does not open, download the .aia file, go to App Inventor and do File/Import and import in the downloaded .aia file.

Follow along with your teacher or the video tutorial. Or, if you prefer, click on the Text Version button above to use the written version of the tutorial or use the Short Handout for more of a challenge.

(Teacher Tube version)

4.2.3. Summary

In this lesson, you learned how to:

4.2.4. Self-Check

4.2.5. Reflection: For Your Portfolio

Answer the following portfolio reflection questions as directed by your instructor. Questions are also available in this Google Doc where you may use File/Make a Copy to make your own editable copy.

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