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Chapter 2 BABI NA

Keywords are words that are reserved to be used as commands or cues for the compiler/interpreter to know that a certain task, job, mode, or setting is needed. For example, in this book, the keyword Display will be used to display to the screen. Syntax refers to the rules of a computer language.
As mentioned in chapter 1 pseudocode is fake code that allows you to focus more on the structure and logic of a program. For the remainder of this book, we will focus more on pseudocode to expand on the various programming logic concepts and techniques. We will also use flow charts to illustrate graphically the logical process our programs undergo
In this chapter, we will start with the basic fundamental idea of variables and data. We will discuss what they are, how to use them and finally how they are beneficial in our programs. We will also introduce you to the basic programming structure, Sequence structure. Lastly, this chapter will close with some examples to help you deepen your understanding of the concepts presented in the body of the chapter.