4.1. Introduction

As you might expect, data science typically uses more tools than the spreadsheet. In later chapters, you will learn how to use data frames, databases, screen scraping, data visualization, and other concepts and tools essential to data scientists. Before you can learn these, however, you must have a rudimentary understanding of a programming language. In this chapter, you will get an introduction to Python. Python is powerful, easy to learn, and one of the most-used programming languages in the data science field. You will also set up the tools you will be using throughout the entire course including a type of scientific notebook that allows for a mix of text and code.

4.1.1. Learning Goals

  • Review the fundamental constructs of programming in Python.

  • Learn to use a type of programming notebook that mixes text and code.

4.1.2. Learning Objectives

  • Recall the fundamentals of programming in Python.

  • Learn to use the Markdown language.

  • Learn to set up a Jupyter Notebook or a Google Colaboratory Notebook.

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