Unit 9 Write Code for Toggle Code

This is the write code problems associated with the mixed up code problems.

Fix the class header so that the Dog class inherits from the Animal class.

Overload the talk method in the Person class so it can take in a String name and print "Hello {name}!" (e.g., calling p.talk("Sarah") on a Person p would print "Hello Sarah!").

There is a Car class whose with a private int instance variable numWheels set to 4 and a private int instance variable numSeats whose value is set in the constructor. The Sedan class inherits from Car. Fill in the Sedan constructor so that numSeats is already initialized as 5.

There is a Person class with private String instance variables firstName and lastName and a constructor that takes them in that order. There is also a Customer class that should inherit from Person, adding an id String instance variable. The only missing component is a Customer constructor that should take firstName, lastName, and id in that order.

There is a House class with private int instance variables numWindows and numDoors and a constructor that takes those in that order. Create a MobileHouse class that inherits from House while adding a numWheels instance variable (and thus has a constructor that takes numWindows, numDoors, and numWheels in that order) and a getNumWheels() method. your solution.

There is a Entity class with private int instance variable healthPoints and a constructor that takes that as an argument. Finish the Hero class so that it initializes with a healthPoints of 100 and so that its fight() method prints "Attacked the enemy!".

There is a Furniture class with a String instance variable material and an int instance variable cost. The Furniture class also includes an equals() method that should return true if two Furniture objects have the same material and cost. Fill in this equals() method.

There is a Car class with a method called drive() that prints "vroom". There is a subclass of Car called Racecar. The Racecar class should override drive() with a new drive() function that prints "vroom" twice by calling Car’s drive() function twice.

There is a Computer class with private String instance variables name and company. You should override the Object equals method to evaluate whether both Computers have the same name and company, in which case they are “equal”. There is also a Laptop class that inherits from Computer while adding a String keyboardType instance variable. The Laptop class should override the equals method from Computer, instead evaluating whether the name, company, and keyboardType are the same (remember that name and company are not readable to Laptop so some polymorphism might be needed). Fill in the code so that both equals() methods work.

There is a Food class with a private numCalories integer instance variable. Food has a chomp() method that returns nothing and prints "{numCalories} calories consumed" (e.g., "5 calories consumed"). There should also be a Fruit subclass that inherits from Food and adds the private color String instance variable. The Fruit class should override the Food chomp() method to return nothing, print "{numCalories} calories consumed", and print "the fruit is {color}" (on a new line). Finally, there should be an Apple subclass that inherits from Fruit, sets color to "red", and adds a variety String private instance variable. The Apple class should have an overriden chomp() method that returns nothing, prints "{numCalories} calories consumed", prints "the fruit is {color}", and prints "ate {variety} apple" (all separated by new lines). Remember that the numCalories and color variables are private, so the Apple class does NOT have access to their values.

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