Unit Overview

This unit focuses on various aspects of using and manipulating data, both within mobile apps and on the Web and Internet. The App Inventor lessons focus on different types of programming data, including variables and structured data, such as lists and databases. You will build apps that involve persistent data, data that is saved even when an app is closed, and learn how to share data online by using databases. The CS Principles lessons focus on the concept of Big Data and its growing impact on our lives. You will be introduced to some of the algorithms needed to process massive datasets efficiently.

Technical Terms

Below is a table of all of the technical terms that you'll learn in this unit. You will find a vocabulary section similar to this at the end of each lesson. Hover over the terms to review the definitions. You'll be able to practice your knowledge of the vocabulary with a quizlet at the end of the unit.
Computer Science Principles
creative commons
machine learning
open access
General Computing
artificial intelligence (AI)
back propagation
CSV files
deep learning
fair use
neural network


Q-1: Identify 1-2 vocabulary terms from the table above that you know and define them in your own words. If you don’t know any of these words yet, that’s ok! Instead, write 1-2 sentences on how you plan to practice learning the vocabulary for this unit.

Q-2: Identify 1-2 vocabulary terms from the table above that you have heard before but don’t know the definition for.

Q-3: Identify 1-2 vocabulary terms from the table above that you don’t know but want to learn in this unit.

Reflection: For Your Portfolio

Answer the following portfolio reflection questions as directed by your instructor. Questions are also available in this Google Doc - you will be prompted to make your own editable copy.