Create PT Written Response Practice

Time Estimate: 180 minutes

Introduction and Goals

The Language Learning Game is an educational memory app that allows users to practice learning a different language. The game's code contains all of the programming requirements to satifsy the College Board's Create Performance Task scoring guidelines.

Objective: In this lesson you will practice answering the Create Performance Task prompts.

Learning Activities


Before you can respond to the prompts in the Create Performance Task, you will need to understand how the game works and examine the code that has been provided for you. Complete the enhancement activities to help you get familiar with the code. Remember to work incrementally: implement, test, review, and repeat. You may use this document to track your progress as you work.

  1. Download the .aia file for The Learning Game.
  2. Import the file into MIT's App Inventor
  3. Try playing the game on your device and explore the code.
  4. Try making these three enhancements:
    • Change the app's language to a different language so your app helps you learn to count in that language
    • Change the initial count of numbers that are spoken to initiate the game.
    • Try adding a few more numbers to the game

Create Performance Task Write-up Activity

Once you have tried the game and understand the code, answer the AP CSP Create Performance Task prompts.

  1. Review the Create Performance Task prompts in the AP CSP Student Directions.
  2. Review the Create Performance Task scoring guidelines.
  3. Make a copy of the submission document and record your responses.


In this lesson, you learned more about the College Board's requirements for the Create Performance task and practiced answering the prompts.



Here is a table of some of the technical terms you've reviewed in this lesson. Hover over the terms to review the definitions.

Procedural Abstraction

Check Your Understanding

Reflection: For Your Portfolio

Answer the following portfolio reflection questions as directed by your instructor. Questions are also available in this Google Doc where you may use File/Make a Copy to make your own editable copy.