Example Visualizations

“Hollywood’s Gender Imbalance”

Take a look at the visualization titled “Hollywood’s Gender Imbalance”, which appears in this article, authored by statistics-based media site FiveThirtyEight. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do you think the key point of this visualization is?

  • Where has the author drawn attention to, and how?

  • Does this visualization make the information easy to interpret?

Read the article in full, then think about the following discussion questions.

  • Did you read every word in the article?

  • Did you look at every picture in the article?

  • Did the visualization make this information easier to interpret than the text did?

“What if only non-white people voted?”

FiveThirtyEight also posted an article that asks: what if only certain subsets of US citizens voted? Before you read this article, just scroll through the article and look only at the maps. Then, read all of the text without looking at any of the maps.

  • Which reading of the article conveyed more information?

  • Which reading of the article took more time?

  • Which reading of the article was more enjoyable?

Q-1: How do you think researchers got statistics on how different groups voted?

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