4.17. Chapter AssessmentΒΆ

Check your understanding

Write one for loop to print out each character of the string my_str on a separate line.

Write one for loop to print out each element of the list several_things. Then, write another for loop to print out the TYPE of each element of the list several_things. To complete this problem you should have written two different for loops, each of which iterates over the list several_things, but each of those 2 for loops should have a different result.

Write code that uses iteration to print out the length of each element of the list stored in str_list.

Write a program that uses the turtle module and a for loop to draw something. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but draw something different than we have done in the past. (Hint: if you are drawing something complicated, it could get tedious to watch it draw over and over. Try setting .speed(10) for the turtle to draw fast, or .speed(0) for it to draw super fast with no animation.)

Write code to count the number of characters in original_str using the accumulation pattern and assign the answer to a variable num_chars. Do NOT use the len function to solve the problem (if you use it while you are working on this problem, comment it out afterward!)

Write code to create a list of numbers from 0 to 67 and assign that list to the variable nums. Do not hard code the list.

You have attempted of activities on this page