1.12. Chapter Assessment

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    intro-12-1: Why create an algorithm?

  • Because computers are better at solving problems.
  • Computers aren't necessarily better at solving problems, though often they can be quicker than humans. Additionally, algorithms can be used to solve non-computer related problems.
  • So that you don't have to solve the problem yourself.
  • While it is beneficial to have a set of instructions that others can follow, this isn't the best answer. By creating the algorithm, you solve a problem for yourself and others.
  • So that you have a general solution to a problem.
  • Yes, by creating a general solution you can then express it as a program if you choose, and then use a computer to automate the execution.
  • Because you need a set of instructions to follow.
  • While it is beneficial to have a set of instructions as that is what an algorithm **is**, it is not **why** we would want to create one.

Write code to print out the phrase “Hello World”.

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