21.5. ExercisesΒΆ

There may be some contributed Exercises

21.5.1. Contributed ExercisesΒΆ

The final project is meant to showcase your mastery of Python and be semi-fun or informative. Projects from previous classes have included hangman, a Sudoku solver, a snake game and Yahtzee. While you are encouraged to look at other codes for ideas, inspiration and problem solving, copying any pre-existing code is not permitted. All work must be your own. With that in mind, your final coding must have the following features:

  • Most lines should be fully annotated and explained.

  • At least three for/if/while statements

  • At least one descriptive graph, plot, or image that has been manipulated within your code

  • At least two user inputs

  • At least two user outputs

  • At least one user-created function, also referenced within your code

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