16.12. NumberGroup - Part A

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Question 4. This question involves the design of an interface, writing a class that implements the interface, and writing a method that uses the interface.

Part a. A number group represents a group of integers defined in some way. It could be empty, or it could contain one or more integers. Write an interface called NumberGroup that represents a group of integers. Write an interface named NumberGroup that represents a group of integers. The interface should have a single contains method that determines if a given integer is in the group. For example, if group1 is of type NumberGroup, and it only contains the two members -5 and 3, then group1.contains(-5) would return true , and group1.contains(2) would return false .

Write the complete NumberGroup interface. It must have exactly one method.

16.12.1. Try and Solve It

Write the interface NumberGroup below.

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