1.4. Information Technology

Although the term Information Technology is sometimes used to describe any career involving computers, in the education world it has a more specific meaning - the skill set required to put computers to work in a business or other organization.

IT professionals have the responsibility for installing and maintaining hardware and software products as well as integrating those products to meet organizational needs. They often work directly with non-technical users of complex technology to support those users and fix issues.

A broad range of basic knowledge is required for an IT professional - they need to understand the basics of networking, programming, operating systems, computer hardware, and security. On top of this base layer of knowledge, many IT professionals develop more extensive expertise in a particular area such as database administration, system administration, or cybersecurity.

Typical careers:

  1. Computer Support Specialist

  2. Network and Systems Administrator

  3. Database Administrator


Many entry-level jobs in IT are open to anyone with a certificate or two-year degree Associate’s. However, advanced jobs in specific areas often require advanced training or certification in that field. For example, to become a network administrator, you would need significant specialized knowledge in installing and configuring computer networks on top of the base level of knowledge expected from all IT professionals.

Positions with more business or management responsibility may require a Bachelor’s degree.

Knowledge Domains:

This diagram illustrates the knowledge areas required in this field. A 5 represents a very high degree of required expertise while a 1 represents a minimal amount. Additional specialized knowledge in one or more areas is often required for career advancement.

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Materials on this page adapted with permission from from:
Association for Computing Machinery Curriculum Report
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