7.1. Containers for strings

We have seen five types of values—booleans, characters, integers, floating-point numbers and strings—but only four types of variables—bool, char, int and double. So far we have no way to store a string in a variable or perform operations on strings.

In fact, there are several kinds of variables in C++ that can store strings. One is a basic type that is part of the C++ language, sometimes called “a native C string.” The syntax for C strings is a bit ugly, and using them requires some concepts we have not covered yet, so for the most part we are going to avoid them.

The string type we are going to use is called string, which is one of the classes that belong to the C++ Standard Library.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid C strings altogether. In a few places in this chapter I will warn you about some problems you might run into using strings instead of C strings.

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