5.13. GlossaryΒΆ

return type:

The type of value a function returns.

return value:

The value provided as the result of a function call.

dead code:

Part of a program that can never be executed, often because it appears after a return statement.


Code that is used during program development but is not part of the final version.


A special return type that indicates a void function; that is, one that does not return a value.


Having more than one function with the same name but different parameters. When you call an overloaded function, C++ knows which version to use by looking at the arguments you provide.


A value or variable that can take on one of two states, often called \(true\) and \(false\). In C++, boolean values can be stored in a variable type called bool.


A variable (usually type bool) that records a condition or status information.

comparison operator:

An operator that compares two values and produces a boolean that indicates the relationship between the operands.

logical operator:

An operator that combines boolean values in order to test compound conditions.

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