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4.3. Spotlight

Last week, Devan showed us how coding connects to cereal and told how she’s found a way to combine her passion for food with her love for problem-solving as a computer scientist working at General Mills.

As fun as it may sound to write code for the company that makes Lucky Charms, you’ve got plenty of other options; computer science can connect to any of your passions, no matter how different the two may seem.

Take Zach Lieberman for example—he’s found a way to combine his love for art with technology through what he calls “poetic computing.” Zach’s work is a prime example of how computer science empowers creativity—don’t let the stereotypes tell you otherwise!

Let’s hear from Zach himself! As you watch, consider the following questions:

  1. What’s your passion, and how could it connect to computer science?

  2. How could learning to code help you succeed down the road?

  3. What’s a misconception you had about computer science before Technovation?

Take a few minutes to discuss the questions above in your group, and think about where computer science could take you!

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