5.41. Group Work: Functions, Strings, and Conditionals

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Learning Objectives

Students will know and be able to do the following.

Content Objectives:

Process Objectives:

5.41.1. Function Example

Run the Python code below and then answer the following questions.

Run the code below to see what it prints and then use it to answer the following questions.


You do not declare the type of a variable in Python. Python requires that all statements that are part of the body of a function must be indented. Use four spaces to indent.

Delete the last line of the test function above and run the code again.

Drag the blocks from the left and put them in the correct order on the right to define a function print_greeting that asks for your name and prints “Hello Name”. Then define a main function that calls print_greeting. Be sure to also call the main function. Note that you will have to indent the lines that are in the body of each function. Click the Check button to check your solution.

5.41.2. String Definition

A string is a sequence of characters enclosed in quotes. In Python you can use pairs of single or double quotes to enclose a string like in "hello" or 'hello'. This is especially useful when a string includes a single quote "they're". You can even use tripe quotes when a string covers more than one line.

5.41.3. String Indices

Run the code below to see what it prints. Then fix it to pass the given test. It should return a string with the first character of the first name and first character of the last name.


Use [index] to get a character from a string. The first character in a string is at index 0 and the last is at the length of the string minus 1 (also know as index -1 in Python).

Fix the function get_initials above to return a string with the first letter of the first name followed by the first letter of the last name.

5.41.4. String Slices

Run the code below to see what it prints.


Use the slice [start:end] operator to get a slice (substring) from a string. It will return a new string starting at the start and including all the characters up to just before the end (end - 1). If start is missing the default is 0 and if end is missing the default value is the length of the string.

5.41.5. Basic Conditionals and Tests

Run this code to see what it prints.

Modify the code in the main method below to test all possible return values from get_temp_desc.


You must first convert a number to a string using str(nun) if you want to add it to a string using +.

Put the blocks in order to define the function check_guess which will return 'too low' if the guess is less than the passed target, 'correct' if they are equal, and 'too high' if the guess is greater than the passed target. For example, check_guess(5,7) returns 'too low', check_guess(7,7) returns 'correct', and check_guess(9,7) returns 'too high'. There are three extra blocks that are not needed in a correct solution.

Run this code to see what it prints. The modify it to work correctly. Next, add code to the main function to test each possible letter grade. It should return A if the score is greater than or equal 90, B if greater than or equal 80, C if greater than or equal 70, D if greater than or equal 60, and otherwise E.

5.41.6. Logical Operators and Complex Conditionals

The logical operators in Python are and, or, and not. These can be used to create complex conditionals.

Modify this code to use a complex conditional instead. It should still pass all tests. It should only take four lines of code or less.

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