8.1. Examples and scratchpad

Here are some example programs and a place to try them out; see also the reference manual.

8.1.2. Vary the brightness of the LED

Shake your device to make the LED light up!

import cellbotics

# Define the pin numbers we need.
LED1 = 2

# Select a PWM channel and configure the LED for PWM.
channel = 0
cb = cellbotics.CellBot()
cb.ledcSetup(channel, 1000, 16)
cb.ledcAttachPin(LED1, channel)

# Start the gyro.
gyro = cellbotics.Gyroscope()

# Read the gyro and display it on the LED.
for i in range(20):
    gyro_x2 = gyro.x**2
    cb.ledcWrite(channel, min(2**16 - 1, gyro_x2*10000))

8.1.3. Your code

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