2.7. Timed Exam Questions

You can add a timed exam of any of the assessments described so far. You can specify the maximum duration of the exam in minutes and it will display the time remaining. If you don’t include a duration it will keep track of the amount of time used and give the user unlimited time to finish the exam. To start the exam click on the “Start” button. You can pause the time by clicking on the “Pause” button and start it again by clicking on the “Resume” button. When you pause the exam the questions will be hidden. There is also a clock icon that will display the time remaining if it is a timed exam and the time used otherwise when the reader hovers over it.

Please note that you can currently only have one timed exam per html page. By default the feedback will be shown after the user clicks the “Submit Answer” button or also after the time runs out for an exam with a specified duration.

    Put the blocks in order to describe a morning routine.

    Fix this code so it passes all of the unit tests.

    Write a program that prints “hello world” two times. Note that although this is an actex the code should show.

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