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associative property of, List
commutative property of, List
Addition method. See Elimination method
Addition property of equality, Fact
Addition property of inequality, Paragraph
Additive identity, Paragraph
Additive inverse (or opposite), Paragraph
Algebraic expression, Paragraph
Algebraic expressions
evaluating, Example
simplifying, Example
Algebraic translations of English phrases, Paragraph
Associative property, Paragraphs
of addition, List
of multiplication, List
horizontal, Definition
vertical, Definition
Cartesian Coordinate System, Definition
Cartesian coordinate system, Paragraph
René Descartes, Section
Combining like terms, Subsection
Commutative property, Paragraphs
of addition, List
of multiplication, List
constant, Paragraph
coordinate plane, Definition
coordinates, Section Definition
Dependent system, Paragraph
Distributive property, Paragraphs List
Division property of equality, Fact
Elimination method, Subsection
Empty set, Warning
empty set, Example
English phrases and sentences
algebraic translations of, Paragraph
linear, Definition
Equation(s), Paragraph
addition property of equality for solving, Fact
equivalent, Paragraph
multiplication property of equality for solving, Fact
solution of, Definition
solution set of, Paragraph
translating to, Paragraph
Equivalent equations, Paragraph
Evaluating algebraic expressions, Example
algebraic, Paragraph
linear, Paragraph
Factors, Paragraph
point-slope, Definition
slope-intercept, Definition
standard, Definition
Formulas, Paragraph
of an equation, Paragraph
solution set to an inequality, Example
systems of linear equations to solve, Subsection
of inequalities, Example
Greater-than symbol, Paragraph
Greater-than-or-equal-to symbol, Paragraph
horizontal line, Example
Identity, Subsection
additive, Paragraph
multiplicative, Paragraph
Inconsistent system, Paragraph
Inequalities, Paragraph
graphing, Example
solution sets of, Example
linear, Definition
solutions of, Definition
Inequality symbols, Table
intercept, Paragraph
Interval notation, Definition
additive, Paragraph
multiplicative, Paragraph
Less-than symbol, Paragraph
Less-than-or-equal-to symbol, Paragraph
Like radicals, Item
Like terms, Paragraph
linear, Paragraph
Linear equations, Definition
solving, Subsection
Linear equations in one variable, Definition
Linear expression, Paragraph
Linear inequalities, Definition
solving, Subsection
Linear inequalities in one variable, Definition
linear relationship, Paragraph
Linear systems of equations. See Systems of linear equations
Mathematical models, Section
Mixture problems, Example
Modeling, Section
associative property of, List
commutative property of, List
Multiplication property of equality, Fact
Multiplication property of inequality, Fact
Multiplicative identity, Paragraph
Multiplicative inverse (or reciprocal), Paragraph
Negation property of equality, Paragraph
Not-equal-to symbol, Paragraph
Opposite (or additive inverse), Paragraph
ordered pair, Section Paragraph
origin, Paragraph
parallel lines, Fact
applications, Subsection
perpendicular lines, Fact
point-slope form, Definition
quadrant, Definition
Rate, Paragraph
rate of change, Definition
Real numbers
ordering, Checkpoint
Reciprocal (or multiplicative inverse), Paragraph Paragraph
linear, Paragraph
rise over run, Remark
empty, Warning
Set notation, Paragraph
Set-builder notation, Definition
Simplifying algebraic expressions, Example
slope, Definition
formula, Example
given intercepts, Fact
review, Subsection
triangle, Example
undefined, Fact
slope-intercept form, Definition
Solution set
of equation, Paragraph
of inequality, Example
of an inequality, Definition
of equations, Definition
of system of linear equations, Definition
linear equations
multistep, Process
linear inequalities
multistep, Process
standard form, Definition
Substitution method, Subsection Process
Substitution of number for variable, Example
subtraction property of equality, Fact
inequality, Table
Systems of linear equations, Definition
solved by elimination, Subsection Process
solved by graphing, Subsection
solved by substitution, Subsection Process
with infinitely many solutions, Subsection Example Example
with no solution, Subsection Example Example
Terms, Definition
of algebraic expressions, Definition
Variable, Paragraph
vertical line, Example
Word problems
strategy for solving, Section
\(x\)-axis, Paragraph Definition
\(x\)-coordinate, Definition
\(y\)-axis, Paragraph Definition
\(y\)-coordinate, Definition
\(y\)-intercept, Paragraph