1.6. Successful Learning in Mobile CSP

Time Estimate: 45 minutes

1.6.1. Introduction and Goals

You may not have thought of yourself as a computer scientist before, but,
just like most people can run but may not be runners,
or can sing but may not be singers,
YOU can learn computer science!

This course will be hard at times, but that's okay. It means that you have an opportunity to learn and to stretch your brain.

Your programs may not work on the first try, but that's okay. It just means that you have an opportunity to learn how to write it correctly the next time.

1.6.2. Learning Activities

Your Brain Is a Muscle

Learn more from Khan Academy about how your brain is a muscle and your intelligence can grow with hard work by watching the video below and then review some of the strategies that have helped other students be successful learners in Mobile CSP.

What to Say to Yourself: Growth Mindset

Sometimes we use words that are not of a growth mindset. If you find yourself saying or thinking what's in the left column, try substituting what's in the right column.

Instead of: Try Thinking/Saying:
I’m not good at this. What am I missing?
I’m awesome at this. I’m on the right track.
I give up. I’ll use a different learning strategy.
This is too hard. This may take some time and effort.
I can’t make this any better. I can always improve, so I’ll keep on trying.
I just can’t do programming. I’m going to train my brain in programming.
She’s so smart; I’ll never be that smart. I’m going to try to figure out how she does it so I can try it.
Plan A didn’t work. Good thing the alphabet has 25 more letters.
It’s good enough. Is it really my best work?

Strategies for Being a Successful Learner

  • Review the exercises at the end of each lesson multiple times. If you get it wrong the first time, then review the lesson again.
  • If you're struggling with a program, ask your neighbor or work in pairs. Two sets of eyes are better than one!
  • Ask questions! If you're confused, it's likely someone else in the class may be confused, too.
  • If something seems easy, look for Challenge exercises or the Still Curious? sections in the lesson to stretch your brain.
  • Focus on learning concepts rather than getting a good grade. When you have to write your own app or take a test, it will help you more if you're confident that you deeply understand the concepts.
  • Test yourself often - make flashcards for vocabulary, build apps without watching the solutions video or reading the solutions text, go back to previous lessons and complete the interactive exercises again, etc.
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