7.1. Introduction

Data is a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Through text, pictures, or social media, the data that we upload and interact with reflect who we are. Data is incredibly useful in understanding patterns inherent in both people and the rest of the world. To ensure the appropriateness of their work, data scientists are obligated to ask themselves the following questions:

In short, it is imperative for data scientists to consider the ethical implications of their work. They must do so when sharing data or merging data from multiple sources. They should ask questions such as:

7.1.1. Learning Goals

  • Learn about ethical practices when using data.

7.1.2. Learning Objectives

  • Learn to identify data that are free to use.

  • Learn to check if screen scraping is legal on different websites.

  • Understand the ethical wrongs of misrepresenting data.

7.1.3. Reading List

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