13.8. Chapter Assessment

Create a tuple called olympics with four elements: “Beijing”, “London”, “Rio”, “Tokyo”.

The list below, tuples_lst, is a list of tuples. Create a list of the second elements of each tuple and assign this list to the variable country.

With only one line of code, assign the variables city, country, and year to the values of the tuple olymp.

Define a function called info with five parameters: name, gender, age, bday_month, and hometown. The function should then return a tuple with all five parameters in that order.

Given is the dictionary, gold, which shows the country and the number of gold medals they have earned so far in the 2016 Olympics. Create a list, num_medals, that contains only the number of medals for each country. You must use the .items() method. Note: The .items() method provides a list of tuples. Do not use .keys() method.

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