7.14. Exercises

  1. In Robert McCloskey’s book Make Way for Ducklings, the names of the ducklings are Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack. This loop tries to output these names in order.

    Of course, that’s not quite right because Ouack and Quack are misspelled. Can you fix it?

  1. Get the user to enter some text and print it out in reverse order.

  1. Write a program that uses a for loop to print
    One of the months of the year is January
    One of the months of the year is February
    One of the months of the year is March
    etc …
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  1. Assume you have a list of numbers 12, 10, 32, 3, 66, 17, 42, 99, 20

    1. Write a loop that prints each of the numbers on a new line.

    2. Write a loop that prints each number and its square on a new line.

  1. Write a program that asks the user for the number of sides, the length of the side, the color, and the fill color of a regular polygon. The program should draw the polygon and then fill it in.

  1. A drunk pirate makes a random turn and then takes 100 steps forward, makes another random turn, takes another 100 steps, turns another random amount, etc. A social science student records the angle of each turn before the next 100 steps are taken. Her experimental data is 160, -43, 270, -97, -43, 200, -940, 17, -86. (Positive angles are counter-clockwise.) Use a turtle to draw the path taken by our drunk friend. After the pirate is done walking, print the current heading. Assume that the turtle originally has a heading of 0 and accumulate the changes in heading to print out the final. Your solution should work for any sequence of experimental data.

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  1. Write a program that will go through a list of temperatures and print them out to the user.

  1. Write a program that will print out a greeting to each student in the list. This list should also keep track of how many students have been greeted and note that each time a new student has been greeted.

7.14.1. Contributed Exercises

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