9.9.1. Free Response - Trio A

The following is a free response question from 2014. It was question 4 on the exam. You can see all the free response questions from past exams at https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-computer-science-a/free-response-questions-by-year.

Question 4. The menu at a lunch counter includes a variety of sandwiches, salads, and drinks. The menu also allows a customer to create a “trio,” which consists of three menu items: a sandwich, a salad, and a drink. The price of the trio is the sum of the two highest-priced menu items in the trio; one item with the lowest price is free. Each menu item has a name and a price. The four types of menu items are represented by the four classes Sandwich, Salad, Drink, and Trio. All four classes implement the following MenuItem interface.

Interfaces are no longer on the AP CSA exam, but you can just treat an interface like a superclass. Just substitute the word class instead of interface below and your TrioClass can extend MenuItem instead of implementing the interface.

public interface MenuItem
     * @return the name of the menu item
    String getName();

     * @return the price of the menu item
    double getPrice();

The following diagram shows the relationship between the MenuItem interface and the Sandwich, Salad, Drink, and Trio classes.


Figure 1: UML class diagram showing MenuItem is implemented by Sandwich, Salad, Drink, and Trio.

For example, assume that the menu includes the following items. The objects listed under each heading are instances of the class indicated by the heading.


Figure 2: Example objects

The menu allows customers to create Trio menu items, each of which includes a sandwich, a salad, and a drink. The name of the Trio consists of the names of the sandwich, salad, and drink, in that order, each separated by “/” and followed by a space and then “Trio”. The price of the Trio is the sum of the two highest-priced items in the Trio; one item with the lowest price is free. A trio consisting of a cheeseburger, spinach salad, and an orange soda would have the name "Cheeseburger/Spinach Salad/Orange Soda Trio" and a price of $4.00 (the two highest prices are $2.75 and $1.25). Similarly, a trio consisting of a club sandwich, coleslaw, and a cappuccino would have the name "Club Sandwich/Coleslaw/Cappuccino Trio" and a price of $6.25 (the two highest prices are $2.75 and $3.50). Try and Solve It

Write the Trio class (near the end of the code below) that implements the MenuItem interface (which is like extending a class). Your implementation must include a constructor that takes three parameters representing a sandwich, salad, and drink. The main method has code to test the result.

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