This book is now obsolete Please use CSAwesome instead.

1.2. Pretest for the AP CS A Exam

The following problems are similar to what you might see on the AP CS A exam. The AP CS A exam is timed and you have 90 minutes to answer 40 questions, which is 2.25 minutes a question. We are giving you 60 minutes to take this 20 question pretest. We don’t expect you to know all of these concepts yet, but want to see what you do know.

Click the start button when you are ready to begin the exam, but only then as you can only take the exam once. Click on the next button to go to the next question. Click on the previous button to go to the previous question. Use the number buttons to jump to a particular question. Click the pause button to pause the exam (you will not be able to see the questions when the exam is paused). Click on the finish exam button after you have answered all the questions. The number correct, number wrong, and number skipped will be displayed.

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