The Mobile CS Principles Quiz App

A Study Tool for CS Principles

The Mobile CS Principles App is a mobile app that contains many of the questions that you encountered in the various units in this course as well as all of the College Board's sample questions. It should be a good study aid for preparing for your final exam or for the AP exam.

The app is written in Javascript/HTML/CSS. There are several ways to use the app:

  • Embedded on this page. Just scroll down the page.
  • QR Code for CSPQuiz app
    The Android app
  • As a stand-alone web app on a computer or mobile device. Point your browser on either your mobile device or computer to It should work the same for both Android and iOS devices.

  • As a native Android app. Either click here with your Android device or scan the QR code displayed here.

Try the app using your computer or mobile device

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