Modifying Text

We can loop through the string and modify it using find and slice (substring).

Google has been digitizing books. But, sometimes the digitizer makes a mistake and uses 1 for i. The following program replaces 1 with i everywhere in the string. Now you might not want to really replace every 1 with i, but don’t worry about that right now. It uses a while loop since we don’t know how many times it will need to loop.

Activity: CodeLens 1 (Change_Ones)

You don’t have to replace just one character. You could replace every instance of a word with another word. For example, what if you spelled a word wrong and wanted to change it everywhere?

Activity: CodeLens 2 (Change_Word)

Can you loop through and encode a string to hide the contents of the message?

Activity: CodeLens 3 (Encode_String)

The program below decodes an encoded message, but the lines are mixed up. Put the lines in the right order with the right indentation.

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