Walking through Assignment more Generally

Let’s explore assignment in general. Try tracing this example.

Activity: CodeLens 1 (Assign_Basic)

The sequence of statements in a program is very important. Assignment doesn’t create some kind of relationship between the names, like in mathematics. The variable a might equal 12 at one point, and 15 at another. An assignment statement is an action that occurs once, and then is over with.

Activity: CodeLens 3 (Assign_Multiple)

We can see values (including the values for named variables) by printing them. It’s a useful way to see what’s going on inside a program. Try running this example where we’re having the computer calculate the number of days in three weeks:

The following program should figure out the cost per person for a dinner including the tip. But the blocks have been mixed up. Drag the blocks from the left and put them in the correct order on the right. Click the <i>Check Me</i> button to check your solution.</p>

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