17.7. Chapter 17 - Concept Summary

Chapter 17 included the following concepts from computing.

17.7.1. Summary of Python Keywords and Functions

  • Find - The source.find(target) function returns the position of the target string in the source string if it is there or -1 if it is not.

  • Split - The split function returns a list of strings separated by a specified character. For example, if message = "Nora, Jones, 15" then message.split(",") would return ['Nora', 'Jones', '15'].

  • Slice - The statement source[pos] returns the character at that position in the string. This uses an index to get the character from the string at that index. The statement source[start:end] returns the characters from start to one before end. It uses two indices the start index (inclusive) and the end index (exclusive) to return a substring of the string from the start character to one before the end character.


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