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This is a sample book to demonstrate integrating WeBWorK homework problems into content authored with PreTeXt. It is structured as a book whose chapters are again structured with sections (no introductions or conclusions) so that it fits Ruestone’s chaper/subchapter model and can be used for testing on Runestone Academy.
This work was funded with grants from OpenOregon 2  and the University of Puget Sound 3 .
Rob Beezer (University of Puget Sound) and Alex Jordan (Portland Community College) worked on the PreTeXt enhancements that make this possible. Mike Gage (Univeristy of Rochester), Geoff Goehle (Western Carolina University), and Alex Jordan made this possible by enhancing the WeBWorK end, and generally maintaining WeBWorK software.
This book assumes a mild familiarity with both PreTeXt 4  and WeBWorK 5 . For more information about either project, follow the links.