test module source codeΒΆ

Starting in the Functions chapter, we have written unit tests using the testEqual function from the test module. This test module is not included in the standard Python distribution. (There is a standard test module but it is different from this.) What follows is the source code for this test module.

def testEqual(actual,expected,places=5):
    Does the actual value equal the expected value?
    For floats, places indicates how many places, right of the decimal, must be correct
    if isinstance(expected,float):
        if abs(actual-expected) < 10**(-places):
            return True
        if actual == expected:
            return True
    print('\tTest Failed: expected {} but got {}'.format(expected,actual))
    return False

To use this module when programming on your own computer, save the above code with the name test.py in the same folder as the python program you want to test.

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