14. Learn Web Scraping!

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14.1. What is web scraping?

The internet is full of information people would like to collect. Copying and pasting it would take forever! In this ebook, we’ll explore an easier way.

Web scraping is the process of getting information from web pages with code.

14.2. How this ebook works

During this lesson, you will learn code plans used by real professionals.

These plans represent the most common patterns in web scraping with the BeautifulSoup library. The plans in this ebook were created after an anaylsis of 100 web scraping files from Github, as well as two interviews with people who use web scraping in their jobs.

14.3. Two scraping examples

14.4. Plans 2-3: Get the webpage

14.5. Plans 4-5: Extract info from the webpage

14.6. Plans 9-10: Do something with the info

14.7. Putting it together

14.8. Download the plans

14.9. Practice problems

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