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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

This book would not exist if not for “Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics” by Richard Grassl and Tabitha Mingus. It is the book I learned discrete math out of, and taught out of the semester before I began writing this text. I wanted to maintain the inquiry based feel of their book but update, expand and rearrange some of the material. Some of the best exposition and exercises here were graciously donated from this source.
Thanks to Alees Seehausen who co-taught the Discrete Mathematics course with me in 2015 and helped develop many of the Investigate! activities and other problems currently used in the text. She also offered many suggestions for improvement of the expository text, for which I am quite grateful. Thanks also to Katie Morrison, Nate Eldredge and Richard Grassl (again) for their suggestions after using parts of this text in their classes.
While odds are that there are still errors and typos in the current book, there are many fewer thanks to the work of Michelle Morgan over the summer of 2016.
The book is now available in an interactive online format, and this is entirely thanks to the work of Rob Beezer, David Farmer, and Alex Jordan along with the rest of the participants of the pretext-support group 2 .
Finally, a thank you to the numerous students who have pointed out typos and made suggestions over the years and a thanks in advance to those who will do so in the future.