Working with Classes

SECTION 1: Introduction

This assignment has five parts. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete the assignment. Please do the parts in order and answer questions to the best of your ability without any outside help. You can stop working on a problem after you worked on it for about five minutes without solving it.

If you have questions about this assignment please email Dr. Susan Rodger at

The parts are:

  • Introduction to Problem Types - Materials to get you familiar with the types of problems in this assignment

  • Creating Classes - Learn how to create a class, methods, and objects

  • Pre Survey - Questions about your experience and confidence in computing

  • Practice - Practice problems

  • Post Test - Post test problems

Click on the link at the end of each page to get to the next part.

What to do next

Click on the following link to learn how to solve different types of problems in this ebook : Introduction to Problem Types

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