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11.6. Association vs Inheritance

Another type of relationship between classes is the has-a relationship or association relationship. Use this when the object of one class contains a reference to one or more of another class. For example, a course can have many course periods associated with it as shown below. The 1 near the Course means that 1 course object is associated with the number shown near the other class. In this case it is * which means 0 to many. So one course is associated with 0 to many course periods.


Figure 2: A UML Class Diagram showing Association

This would typically translate into a field in the Course class that has an array or list of CoursePeriod objects. The CoursePeriod class would have a field that is of type Course as shown below.

public class Course
   private List<CoursePeriod> periodList;

public class CoursePeriod
   private Course myCourse;

11.6.1. Substitution Test for Inheritance

If you aren’t sure if a class should inherit from another class ask yourself if you can substitute the child class type for the parent class type. For example, if you have a Book class and it has a subclass of ComicBook does that make sense? Is a comic book a kind of book? Yes, a comic book is a kind of book so inheritance makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense use association or the has-a relationship instead.


Only use inheritance when the child class is really a type of the parent class, otherwise use association.

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