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16.14. NumberGroup - Part C

Part c. The MultipleGroups class (not shown) represents a collection of NumberGroup objects and is a NumberGroup. The MultipleGroups class stores the number groups in the instance variable groupList (shown below), which is initialized in the constructor.

private List<NumberGroup> groupList;

Write the MultipleGroups method contains. The method takes an integer and returns true if and only if the integer is contained in one or more of the number groups in groupList.

For example, suppose multiple1 has been declared as an instance of MultipleGroups and consists of the three ranges created by the calls new Range(5, 8), new Range(10, 12), and new Range(1, 6). The following table shows the results of several calls to contains.


16.14.1. Try and Solve It

/** Returns true if at least one of the number groups in this multiple group contains num;
 *  false otherwise

Write the method contains below.

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