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Active Calculus - Multivariable

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arclength, Assemblage
average value over a solid, Item
center of mass
of a lamina, Assemblage
of a solid, Item
of a lamina, Paragraph
change of variable
double integral, Assemblage
triple integral, Assemblage
circulation, Paragraph
Cobb-Douglas production function, Exercise
continuity, Definition
coordinate planes, Paragraph
critical point, Definition
cross product, Definition
curvature, Definition
cylindrical coordinates, Paragraph
differentiable function, Definition
differentials, Paragraph
directional derivative, Definition
discriminant, Assemblage
dot product, Definition
double integral
average value, Item
definition, Definition
difference in volumes, Item
mass of lamina, Assemblage
probability, Item
double integral over a general region, Paragraph
double Riemann sum, Definition
continuously differentiable, Assemblage
domain, Definition
graph, Definition
locally linear, Paragraph
of two variables, Definition
surface, Paragraph
graph of a vector-valued function
definition, Definition
iterated integral
cylindrical coordinates, Assemblage
polar coordinates, Assemblage
rectangular coordinates, Paragraph
spherical coordinates, Assemblage
Jacobian, Paragraph
joint probability density function, Paragraph
Lagrange multiplier, Paragraph
level curve, Definition
direction vector, Paragraph
in space, Definition
parametric equations, Assemblage
vector equation, Assemblage
line integral
definition, Definition
differential form of, Paragraph
locally linear, Paragraph
of a solid, Paragraph
moments about coordinate axes, Paragraph
definition, Paragraph
oriented curve
closed, Paragraph
curve, Definition
surface, Paragraph
parametric equations for a curve, Definition
partial derivatives
first-order, Definition
second-order, Paragraph
second-order, mixed, Paragraph
second-order, unmixed, Paragraph
definition, Paragraph
definition, Paragraph
definition, Definition
scalar equation, Item
vector equation, Item
polar coordinates, Paragraph
position vector, Paragraph
principal unit normal vector, Item
projectile motion
parametric equations, Paragraph
radius of curvature, Item
definition, Paragraph
formula, Paragraph
spherical coordinates, Paragraph
surface area, Assemblage
trace, Definition
triple integral, Definition
triple Riemann sum, Definition
triple scalar product, Paragraph
angle between, Paragraph
component in the direction of, Assemblage
definition, Definition
projection, Paragraph Assemblage
subtraction, Paragraph
sum, parallelogram, Paragraph
vector-valued function
antiderivative, Definition
definition, Definition
derivative, Definition
indefinite integral, Definition
definition, Definition
orthogonal, Assemblage
volume of a solid, Item