Module B Preface

In the previous module, you learned techniques to analyze data in Google Sheets. Now, it’s time to learn how to analyze even larger datasets. This is especially important when you are trying to draw larger conclusions. One of the most fundamental use cases for statistics is investigating the relationship between multiple variables. When reading stories in the media, there is often discussion about links between two or more variables. For example:

However, for every article with a statistical study that argues for one thing, there is usually at least one for the other side. Since there is so much news from so many diverse sources, it has become increasingly important to decipher which studies are trustworthy, what statistics are reliable, and what findings are legitimate.

In the next few chapters, you will learn more about analyzing the relationship between variables. This will help you investigate the relationship between pairs of variables for your own analysis, as well as critically assess the statistical findings you read about in the media.

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