20.16. Chapter Assessment

Define a class called Bike that accepts a string and a float as input, and assigns those inputs respectively to two instance variables, color and price. Assign to the variable testOne an instance of Bike whose color is blue and whose price is 89.99. Assign to the variable testTwo an instance of Bike whose color is purple and whose price is 25.0.
Create a class called AppleBasket whose constructor accepts two inputs: a string reprsenting a color, and a number representing a quantity of apples. The constructor should initialize 2 instance variables: apple_color and apple_quantity. Write a class method called increase that increases the quantity by 1 each time it is invoked. You should also write a string method for this class that returns a string of the format: A basket of QUANTITY# COLOR apples. e.g. A basket of 4 red apples. or A basket of 50 blue apples. (Writing some test code that creates instances and assigns values to variables may help you solve this problem!)
Define a class called Bank that accepts the name you want associated with your bank account in a string, and a float that represents the amount of money in the account. The constructor should initialize two instance variables from those inputs: name and amt. Add a string method so that when you print an instance of Bank, you see “Your account, [name goes here], has [start_amt goes here] dollars.” Create an instance of this class with "Bob" as the name and 100.0 as the amount. Save this to the variable t1.
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