Chapter 5 - Summary

Chapter 5 included the following concepts from computing.

Summary of Turtle Functions and Procedures

The table below shows the turtle functions and procedures that we have covered so far.

Name Input Description
backward amount Moves the turle backward by the specified amount
color colorname Sets the color for drawing. Use ‘red’, ‘black’, etc
forward amount Moves the turtle forward by the specified amount
goto x,y Moves the turtle to position x,y
left angle Turns the turtle counter clockwise by the specified angle
pendown None Puts down the turtles tail so that it draws when it moves
penup None Picks up the turtles tail so that it doesn’t draw when it moves
pensize width Sets the width of the pen for drawing
right angle Turns the turtle clockwise by the specified angle
setheading angle Turns the turtle to face the given heading. East is 0, north is 90, west is 180, and south is 270.
Turtle None Creates and returns a new turtle object


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