About Runestone

The mission of Runestone Interactive is to democratize textbooks for the 21st century. Textbook prices are too high, and paper textbooks are too old fashioned. We are changing that.

  • Freely available open source books
  • Easy to use authoring tools to create Runestone books
  • Hosting services for your course - See our Instructor Guide

To learn more about this project, see this overview. For more information about the whole Runestone Interactive community and project, including how to contribute, please click here!

Your Privacy

The books provided on Runestone Academy are free and open source. They are for educational purposes. As part of our educational mission we do collect usage data to help us better understand how you learn and how you use our books. In exchange, we may use this data to make decisions about revisions to the content, and we may use this data to publish academic papers. We would never publish anything that revealed your identity. We may share this data with fellow educational researchers, but rest assured that all personally identifying information will be anonymized before we do. If you have questions about this please feel free to contact us.

Partners and Supporters

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How can I help?

This project is Open Source, but it does take time and resources. Especially as our popularity has grown we have server costs. We welcome your help with code, editing, bug fixes almost anything you can think of. Join us on GitHub

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