5.17. Group Work: Functions

It is best to use a POGIL approach with the following. In POGIL students work in groups on activities and each member has an assigned role. For more information see https://cspogil.org/Home.

Learning Objectives

Students will know and be able to do the following.

Content Objectives:

Process Objectives:

5.17.2. Parts of a Function and Function Calls

Modify the code below to print the last two lines twice by only adding one line. That line can’t call the print function.

Modify the code below to print “Hello students” by adding one line and without calling the print function in that line.

5.17.3. Function Order

p9-14: Look at the Python code below. What do you think will happen when you run the following code?

Run the code below to see what happens when you try to call a function before it is defined.


Python processes the code in a file from left to right and from the first line to the last line. All functions must be defined before they are called.

Drag the blocks from the left and put them in the correct order on the right to define a function print_greeting that asks for your name and prints “Hello Name”. Then define a main function that calls print_greeting. Be sure to also call the main function. Note that you will have to indent the lines that are in the body of each function. Click the Check button to check your solution.

5.17.4. Special Characters and Keywords

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