7.1. You can also use Runestone Components and write in Markdown!

Lets try an activecode directive!

Writing directives in Markdown is a little different The above example was written as:

```{activecode} mdactive

print("Hello World")

Whereas in RST you would write:

.. activecode:: mdactive

    print("hello world")

Lets Try a Parsons

7.1.1. Parsons Problems

        Q-2: Add some text here
import turtle
window = turtle.Screen()
ella = turtle.Turtle()

7.1.2. Multiple Choice

    Q-3: Which colors might be found in a rainbow (check all)?

  • red
  • Red it is.
  • brown
  • Not brown.
  • blue
  • Blue it is.
  • gray
  • Not gray.
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