2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Learning Goals for this Module

  • Become familiar with basic spreadsheet operations
    • Addressing cells: relative versus absolute, on the same same sheet versus across sheets

    • Working with Ranges: SUM, AVERAGE, CORRELL

    • Tricks for Copying and pasting down and across

    • VLOOKUP (match / index)

    • Grouping * AVERAGEIF * COUNTIF * IF * Making a Pivot Table

    • Cleaning * TRIM

    • Exploring * UNIQUE

  • Use a spreadsheet to explore data

  • Introduce the “data science pipeline”

2.1.3. Time Required

This can easily take four class periods. But you can be less depending on how much is done as homework versus in-class work.

2.1.4. Research Questions

  1. What are the different factors that lead to happiness of a country?

  2. What role does the economy play in determining the happiness of a country?

  3. Which factor, on average, contributes most/least to happiness?

  4. What similarities and differences do the countries experiencing the highest/lowest WHS have? Are there any countries where there scores for some factor are very different than those of the countries around it in the rankings?

  5. Does being in a certain region (continent) have any correlation to the average score of countries?

  6. How have the happiness numbers changed over time? Which countries have increased the most? Which countries have decreased the most?

  7. For the countries with the largest increase which factors changed the most? Are those factors the same as you identified in the first 3 questions?

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