9.5. Sorting

So far, we’ve only looked at rows of data in the order of the query is returning to us. What if we want to see the rows in a certain sorting order? We use the ORDER BY command to sort them by some other criteria.

For example, to see the bike trips in the order of the duration in seconds:

Well, it turns out by default the sorting order is ascending. To sort the rows in descending order, add the keyword DESC.

Of course, we can mix WHERE and ORDER BY, to get only the bike trips from Member type of Casual in the order of the duration.

9.5.1. Practice Exercises

Get the start and end station IDs for bike trips that are longer 60 minutes or longer, in the order of largest number of seconds first and display the top 40 results. What is the duration of the last ride what is the ending station?

On which bike was longest bike ride? How many seconds long was that ride?

What is the starting station and duration of the longest ride starting and ending at the same station?

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