6.10. ExercisesΒΆ

  1.         seq-11-1: Write a program that will print out the length of each item in the list as well as the first and last characters of the item.weather = ["sunny", "cloudy", "partially sunny",
               "rainy", "storming", "windy", "foggy",
               "snowy", "hailing"]
    for condition in weather:
        print("The word is", len(condition), "characters")
        first_char = condition[0]
        last_char = condition[-1]
        print("The first character is: " + first_char)
        print("The last character is: " + last_char)
  2.         seq-11-2: Write code to determine how many t's are in the following sentences.phrases = ["My, what a lovely day today is!",
    "Have you mastered cooking yet? A tasty treat could be in your future.",
    "Have you ever seen the leaves change color?"]
    for sentence in phrases:
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